Lev Echad (One Heart)

Lev Echad (One Heart) is a program of the Caring Community at Temple Beth Elohim that reaches out to congregants at difficult times in their lives, when their activities and their connection to others have been limited by age, disability or other life circumstances. In the ancient tradition of offering comfort and solace to those who are suffering or lonely in our community, trained volunteers visit fellow congregants. There are several purposes for these visits: to ensure congregants do not feel forgotten or isolated as time passes following bereavement or illness; to reach out to those who are unable to be as active and involved in the community as they once were; to connect with those who have lost touch with the TBE community; to understand where a person is emotionally, physically and spiritually and to be there with them. Pastoral visitors receive monthly training and guidance from clergy, based on sound pastoral practices, traditional Jewish texts, and experience.

The Lev Echad (One Heart) program is an expression of the commitment our congregational community feels to ensuring that all members remain connected to synagogue life, even when they cannot readily come to the building. If you would like a visit, or know someone who would, contact Cantor Jodi Sufrin.(781-23-8419 x202). 

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