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Yoga for Health and Healing - ongoing 

Awakening Through Meditation - Oct 19 & 26, Nov 2 & 9

Wednesday Opportunities

Yoga for Health & Healing 

Instructor: Karen Kaplan

Time: 9:30-10:45 am

Class Fee: Per Session: $72/TBE members, $90/non members (per six week session)

Dates: Please be in touch Karen Kaplan [email protected] for session dates and further information.

Description: These six-week yoga sessions focus on the breath and connecting to Ruach Elohim -- the Spirit of God -- within us through gentle, supportive movement interlaced with blessings from the Siddur, Judaic articles and poetry. We move slowly, safely, using blankets, blocks, balls and the wall to help us find that sacred space within ourselves. This is an opportunity to try yoga for the first time, deepen an existing practice, and learn more about your body. You will discover how to strengthen your physical being as well as your Spirit while releasing tensions often unknowingly held within.

You can register ahead or on the day of our first session; you are welcome to try a class on the first day of the session before deciding to enjoy the whole series. Please register directly with Kristine Potter [email protected]

Thursday Opportunities

Mindfulness meditation allows us to deeply look at ourselves and be with whatever we see without changing anything. We come to understand that although the circumstances of our life change and we never really know what will happen, we have the wisdom to choose how to respond to those life circumstances. In the process we receive feelings of openness and peace. In this four week series we will learn to use meditation as a tool to help us be mindful and meet whatever arises with acceptance, compassion and without judgement. While focusing on our breath, our physical sensations, our feelings and our thoughts we become more familiar with how our habitual reactions to life circumstances can cause us to suffer. Meditation can help cultivate positive qualities that lead to our own healing. Incorporating themes from Torah, Jewish text and stories into our meditations, we will deepen our spiritual connection to our Judaism. Together we will experience the powerful energy of group meditation. Please join us!