Israeli American Outreach

Did you know that there are 30,000 Israelis in the Boston area?  The TBE Israeli-American outreach committee looks to provide opportunities for the TBE community to socialize, converse and build relationships with the local Israeli-American community.

  • Initiate a long-term respectful process of mutual cultural learning, finding connections and collaborations between the two communities, both as groups and individuals.
  • Engage and connect both Jewish communities, Israelis and Americans through personal experience and connections
  • Provide a shared experiences where families meet and bonds are created through Jewish rituals.
  • Encourage Israelis to visit TBE more often and experience it as their Jewish culture home
  • Bring Israel closer to home for the Jewish community.
  • Introduce Israelis, the Reform approach to Judaism, which they are not familiar with, and can be a new safe space for them and their children.

Contact Bob Orkand, [email protected] with questions or to join the committee.

Upcoming Events

Israel-American Dialogue Night
Wednesday, June 6, 7:00 pm

Join us for an engaging night of discussion with Israelis living in the Boston area and members of TBE as together we look at questions of Jewish identity, faith, and culture. Space is limited, so please RSVP. Email Seth Stier at [email protected] with any questions.