Israeli American Outreach

Did you know that there are 30,000 Israelis in the Boston area?  The TBE Israeli-American outreach committee looks to provide opportunities for the TBE community to socialize, converse and build relationships with the local Israeli-American community.

  • Initiate a long-term respectful process of mutual cultural learning, finding connections and collaborations between the two communities, both as groups and individuals.
  • Engage and connect both Jewish communities, Israelis and Americans through personal experience and connections
  • Provide a shared experiences where families meet and bonds are created through Jewish rituals.
  • Encourage Israelis to visit TBE more often and experience it as their Jewish culture home
  • Bring Israel closer to home for the Jewish community.
  • Introduce Israelis, the Reform approach to Judaism, which they are not familiar with, and can be a new safe space for them and their children.

Contact Bob Orkand, [email protected] with questions or to join the committee.