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Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO) 

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TBE is a member of GBIO, a broad-based organization which works to coalesce, train, and organize the communities of Greater Boston across all religious, racial, ethnic, class and neighborhood lines for the public good.  GBIO's primary goal is to develop local leadership and organized power to fight for social justice.  As a GBIO member, TBE is working with other congregations in the area (Jewish, Christian and Muslim) to fight for social justice, work on issues of shared interest, and improve the world in which we all live.  Newton Congregations is a group of congregations who are part of GBIO and other Newton affiliates.  

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Summer 2015
Thank you for coming to the GBIO Action! 

26 TBE members participated in the GBIO Action on May 12, 2015. In total, over 1800 people of faith packed Trinity Church to join in solidarity with synagogues, churches, and mosques and to hold our public officials accountable. At the event, we put faith into action by asking our public officials to openly support and commit to issues that we care about.

If you are interested in doing more work with the GBIO, whether it be to go to more events or be on an issue team, please don't hesitate to contact Sandy Aronson.

TBE Congregants to Prevent Gun Violence leader Janet Goldenberg asking governor Baker to fully implement the recently passed 'gun bill'

Wellesley Interfaith Association 

The Wellesley Interfaith Association is a representative group of members from Wellesley faith communities which gathers together monthly to support each other and encourage the diversity of expression found among us. Recognizing that honest differences of opinion do exist among us but believing that the community of Wellesley can be well served by our efforts together, we have committed ourselves to each other and to providing opportunities for the Wellesley community to worship together in ecumenical services whenever possible.

Contact: Margo Friedman ([email protected]) and Bud Schram ([email protected]) 


Weston-Wayland Interfaith Action Group 

The mission of the Weston-Wayland Interfaith Action Group (WWIAG) is to build community by developing a better understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of our individual, cultural, and religious differences through education, dialogue and action.
Join us at the Annual Meeting and Potluck Supper on Thursday, June 14, 2012.  View the flyer and learn more!

Contact: Laurie Kay ([email protected]) and Laura Friedman

TBE Works for Social Justice!  Increasing Affordable Housing 

As a member of Newton Congregations/Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, TBE is encouraging its members from Newton to complete a brief on-line survey that will help the Newton Community Preservation Act (CPA) Committee set priorities for the distribution of the approximately $20 million which is estimated to become available in the next 5 years.  The CPA, which provides state and local funds for affordable housing, historic resources, and open & recreational land, became a state law in 2000. 

What you can do:    

Congregations across Newton are also participating in this survey.  Let's gain recognition as a change agent for affordable housing!   

  1. Complete the brief (8 questions) survey at 

  2. You will be asked to list some Newton groups you work with or belong to. Please list Newton Congregations/Greater Boston Interfaith Organization* (GBIO) as one of your groups.  

  3. Please consider rating Affordable Housing as a high priority for these funds. This is one of the main issues Newton Congregations is working to develop and high response in this category would be helpful. 

  4. Question #8 offers a spot for suggestions. If you choose, you might like to consider something like this: "As a Newton citizen, I actively and whole-heartedly support expanding and increasing affordable housing in Newton. Affordable housing benefits both new and current residents of our city, and encourages economic diversity. This diversity strengthens our community by making it more attractive and vibrant."

  5. After completing the survey, please send an email to Nicole Roos at [email protected]. That way we can keep track of how many surveys are completed by TBE members. 

Join the "TBE Rapid Response Team" for Affordable Health Care

As a member of the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO), TBE is teaming up with members of other congregations to advocate for more affordable health care in MA. We are looking for people to join the TBE Rapid Response Team and make phone calls to their legislators. This is a quick and easy way to make a real difference. Training and information will be provided. Learn more