It is a very simple act that leaves a lasting impression. Reaching out to others to help them feel comfortable and welcome is the heart and soul of being a greeter. Greeters strengthen relationships and create a caring and warm environment. They also provide tours of our new Makom on an as need basis. TBE is our home. We want all who enter to feel as if they are a part of our congregational family our sacred community. That is why it is critical that we have an on-going group of greeters.  Being a greeter is easy and it's fun! Click here to view the Greeter Guidelines.

Contact Carol Salter if you'd like to become a greeter.

What greeters do . . . 

  • Provide that all-important first impression.  
  • Provide a sense of warmth and welcome. 
  • Help those who are new  to TBE find their way.  
  • Provide assistance when necessary.  

What is expected . . .

  • Give of yourself just a couple of times per year. 
  • Targeted responsibility & self-limited time commitment.  

When are greeters needed . . .  

  • Friday night Shabbat services    

How Can You Help . . .  

  • Help us share our gracious Jewish spirit to all who come to Temple Beth Elohim. 


Thank you so very much for volunteering to be a greeter. You are the face of TBE to all who visit. Your gracious and warm spirit makes a huge and positive impact. Being a greeter is pretty simple, straightforward and FUN!

We ask that you are ready and at the doors by 5:30 pm. Amazingly, people do come early to services.

Please wear a nametag. Greeters are there to warmly welcome all who come to TBE, to help those in need of assistance and to maintain the sanctity of Shabbat and our service.

  • Help people find seats and pass out the Shabbat flyer. During especially busy services encourage people to fill in seats so empty seats are obvious near the end of a row.
  • Show people where kippot and tallitot are located.
  • Direct people to the restrooms or coatroom
  • Let new people know that our prayer books are under the chairs. Large print Shabbat prayer books are on the bookshelf outside the sanctuary.
  • Politely encourage use of the side door not the main doors once the service has begun.
  • One greeter should welcome people just outside the side door once the service has begun.
  • Let parents with infants and young children know the Caring Community Room is a place they can go should they need to with their children. The service is streamed live on the video screen in that room so they can still follow the service.
  • There is a box of toys for use in the sanctuary.
  • You may wish to show people who arrive late what page is currently being read in the service so they are not lost.
  • OPEN THE MAIN SANCTUARY DOORS for the last verse of"L'cha Dodi"
  • Assist the clergy if necessary.
  • You are there to help everyone feel comfortable.
  • By sitting in the back of the sanctuary you can be accessible to greet/help those who come late.
  • You need not stand during the entire service.

Thank you for your service and all that you do on behalf of our TBE community.

Shabbat shalom.