Development Committee

TBE's Development Committee assists with all areas of the Temple's fundraising activities to help supplement dues and other income.  In addition to setting fundraising guidelines and policies, overseeing donor recognition, and managing of fundraising events and opportunities, the Development Committee coordinates the Annual Appeal and works in concert with TBE's Endowment Board and Director of Development to assure our community's financial strength.

Pam Norden, Chair
Nancy Allen
Michelle Black
Jackie Finard-Hughes
Pam Forman
Alexandra Fuchs
Helene Gelber
Elizabeth Navisky
Michelle Paster
Erica Recht
Rebecca Scott
Alexandra Simes
Bob Stearns
Seth Stier
Mel Warshaw
Denise Widman
Jillian Kohl, Director of Development
Rebecca Grundfast, Development Associate

For more information, please contact Jillian Kohl, Director of Development, (781) 235-8419 ext. 246.