TBE Voices for a Pluralistic and Democratic Israel

Mission Statement (Formerly the Progressive Israel Committee)

The members of this committee are committed to expanding religious pluralism and equal rights within Israeli society. We seek to help build a civil society where all citizens have equal treatment under the law in a democratic Israel. Furthermore, we will promote efforts to fully incorporate and welcome all Jews as part of one Jewish people.

We will look for a variety of platforms to inform our congregation about the history of modern Israel with the emphasis on the effects of changing demographics and culture. We will provide a connection to efforts on the ground to bring about meaningful reforms in areas such as civil marriage and divorce, gender equality, gay rights and inequitable government allocations to schools and synagogues. We will look to support groups and build coalitions with others seeking the same goals.

We welcome TBE members who are interested in our work and look forward to publicizing programs and events that support our mission.

For more information please contact Michael Gilman at [email protected] or Bob Orkand at [email protected].

Upcoming Events


The Future of Pluralism and Democracy in Israel
Friday, October 12, 6:00 pm

Mickey Gitzin, the New Israel Fund (NIF) Director in Israel, will provide an update on the status of Reform Judaism and the shrinking democratic space in Israel. Gitzin will speak briefly at Shabbat services and more extensively after dinner with time for questions and answers by attendees. Gitzin has visited with TBE Voices in the past and his knowledge of current issues and NIF's work are a valuable context for all we read and hear about in the media. TBE Voices appreciates NIF's collaboration in bringing Mickey Gitzin back to TBE. 

Gitzin will speak briefly at Shabbat services and more extensively after dinner with time for questions and answers. After dinner, Alan Solomont, former US Ambassador to Spain and Dean of the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life at Tufts University will engage Gitzin in a conversation on NIF efforts in Israel.  Alan is a TBE member and served on the NIF board for many years. 

Learn more: Michael Gilman, [email protected]

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Mickey Giizin Bio

Mickey Gitzin is the Executive Director of the New Israel Fund in Israel. Mickey also serves as a city council member in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, where he chairs committees for diversity and public housing, and serves as the Mayor’s advisor for global development and innovation. Prior to joining NIF, Mickey was the founding director of “Israel Hofsheet” (Be Free Israel), a leading grassroots organization fighting for the separation of religion and state in Israel.  Previously, Mickey was the spokesperson for MK Ilan Gilon )Meretz) and the Associate Director of "Festival BeShekel," an organization advancing arts and culture in Israel’s geographic and socioeconomic periphery. After completing his military service as an intelligence officer, he served as a shaliach(emissary) in South Bend, Indiana for the Jewish Agency for Israel. Mickey holds a Master’s in Public Policy from University College-London, for which he received a Chevening Scholarship from the British Foreign Office and the British Council. In 2013, Mickey received NIF UK’s Human Rights Award, and in 2015, NIF’s Gallanter Prize for Emerging Israeli Social Justice Leaders.

The Campaign for Religious Equality


ARZA (Association of Reform Zionists of America) is “TAKING BACK THE Z”: An unapologetic love for Israel, the land, the people and the State, is at the core of our beliefs. Modern Zionism encompasses our values of democracy, pluralism, and equality. That love of Israel demands honesty and a commitment to the continuation of building a morally exceptional society in the Jewish state. This is not a new concept. But today’s challenges demand nuanced action and strong leadership. ARZA provides the vehicle, the voice, the Movement.

Given ARZA’s love for the people of Israel, the organization has most recently been engaged in two pressing matters:  Collecting funds to help those touched by the terrible fires that ravaged many areas in Israel. And, on another front, ARZA has joined with its friends and colleagues in the Conservative Movement to speak out against the hatred expressed by those who desecrated the Kehilat Ra'anan Reform synagogue in Ra'anana.

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Formerly the Progressive Israel Committee, this organization has changed its name to TBE Voices for a Pluralistic and Democratic Israel. 

For several years TBE’s Progressive Israel Committee has been wrestling with both its name and its mission.  What does it mean to be “progressive” in relation to Israel? How do we explain our name to others, and how does our mission differ from that of other TBE committees and programs?

Of late, our committee has been increasingly concerned about the news coming out of Israel.  There has been violence at the Kotel (Western Wall) as Reform and Conservative women and movement leaders have sought to pray there.  Jewish Israelis continue to find it difficult to be married by rabbis of their choice.  More and more legislation has been introduced into the Knesset that would serve to limit freedom of expression.

As lovers of Israel and her people, and as committed Reform Jews, we have come to feel that it is vital that we join with those—both in Israel and in Jewish communities around the world—who are working to create an Israel that is open and inclusive to all forms of Jewish expression, an Israel that remains true to its founding Zionist vision expressed in its Declaration of Independence:  “[Israel] will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race, or sex; it will guarantee freedom of religion, conscience, language, education, and culture.”