Community Dinners

Community Dinners Update

Community Dinners, originally scheduled for December 1, 2017, have been postponed. Watch TBE communications for an update coming soon! We hope you will join us for Cantor Shanna Zell's Installation on Friday, December 1. Learn more >


Memories from the Evening, Community Dinners Purim Edition
March 11, 2017

This year’s “Purim and Performance” themed Community Dinners was a great success connecting longtime and new members for a wonderful festive night that captured the spirit of the holiday and TBE.

Thank you to all, both guests and hosts, adults and teens, and our clergy who organized and participated in the evening and joined in the fun in celebration of Purim including a lively reading of the Megillah. The room looked spectacular with tables full of delicious desserts provided by congregants. These treats were enjoyed while being entertained by our multi-talented clergy and many of our members, both adults and teens, who graciously shared their talents. It was a beautiful example of true community.

With your help, we raised $2,400 in grocery store gift cards for Yad Chesed, a non profit that supports Jewish individuals and families by alleviating economic distress and helping them reach financial stability.

Dinner at Shelia and Irwin Heller's Home
Dinner at Jane and Hank Solomon's home


Dinner at Abbie Goodman and Larry Shind's home


Dinner at Diane and Chester Black's home


Pam Remis and Elaine Paster setting out the desserts for the Beit Cafe


It's a full house at the Beit Cafe!