Community Organizing

What is Community Organizing?

Community Organizing is the process of bringing people together to build relationships, identify problems and issues, and build power for positive change. When people come together to fight injustice, they form a community of justice. As a community, we can repair our world. For more information, contact Sandy Aronson, TBE's Tikkun Olam Youth and Community Organizer.

Greater Boston Interfaith Organization

TBE is a member of GBIO, a broad-based organization which works to coalesce, train, and organize the communities of Greater Boston across all religious, racial, ethnic, class and neighborhood lines for the public good.  GBIO's primary goal is to develop local leadership and organized power to fight for social justice.  As a GBIO member, TBE is working with other congregations in the area (Jewish, Christian and Muslim) to fight for social justice, work on issues of shared interest, and improve the world in which we all live.  

For more information on the GBIO, please look at our Interfaith and Community Affairs section.

Koach B'yachad

Hebrew for "strength together," Koach B'yachad was TBE's first community organizing initiative. Over five years ago we started on a journey to come together as a collective whole to fight against social injustices and change the landscape of our community – here at TBE, within the surrounding local communities and in our community at large. Our congregation selected "Growing Up Healthy" – our sense that life has changed in a way that makes it much harder for kids to grow up emotionally and physically safe – as an area of focus for our organizing campaign. We are now in the process of identifying areas where we can have the most far-reaching impact.