Caring Community

Caring for Others - Caring for Ourselves

Our TBE Caring Community works in partnership with Cantor Jodi Sufrin and Rabbi Philip Sherman to support our congregation in times of joy and sorrow. We mark sacred moments in our lives together, perform deeds of loving kindness, and offer meaningful outreach to guide our community in living a life of spiritual and physical well-being and promoting self-awareness and connection.

Our nationally recognized outreach programs help make Temple Beth Elohim a sacred community and touches the lives of hundreds of our congregants in meaningful ways each year.

The Caring Community team invites congregants to join our committees and to help in planning and participating in our programs. New ideas are always welcome.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Carolyn Lee Kohlman, [email protected] or 617 823-2797


BEREAVEMENT ( Nechama)  volunteers reach out to congregants who have lost a family member, and offer a variety of support services.

To learn more, click HERE and/or contact
Carol Whitehorn, [email protected] 617 965-5731
Carolyn Kohlman [email protected]  617  823-2797


CARING CONNECTIONS (Lev Echad) pastoral volunteers, trained and guided by our clergy, visit with congregants when they cannot readily come into the synagogue, perhaps limited by age, disability, or other life circumstances.  Lev Echad tries to ensure that no congregant feels forgotten or isolated. 

To learn more, click HERE and/or if you would like a visit, or know a congregant who would, please contact
Cantor Sufrin [email protected] 781  235-8491
Helene Kress [email protected]  781 449-5502 


COMFORTING THE SICK (Bikur Cholim) volunteers contact congregants dealing with serious illness, recovering from injury or surgery, often delivering a care package on behalf of the Temple, and evaluating if any further support is needed.

To learn more, click HERE and/or contact
Sandy Goldstein [email protected] 781 235-8037
Amy Fleming [email protected] 617 332-5059



To learn more, click HERE and/or contact Cantor Sufrin [email protected] 781 235-8491


HOSPICE SINGERS  the singers bring comfort through song for congregants who are ill or going through serious illness.

To learn more, click HERE and/or contact Liz Kopin [email protected]


MEALMAKERS a roster of congregants who will prepare and deliver a meal for a congregant or congregational family in need of this temporary vital support. 

To learn more, click HERE and/or contact Sandy Goldstein [email protected] 781 235-8037


MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCE GUIDE  a reference source if you, a member of your family, or someone you know is facing mental health, emotional, or behavioral challenges. 

To learn more, click HERE and/or contact Shep Cohen [email protected] 


SHIVA MINYAN LEADERS lay leaders who assist the clergy with Minyan Services.

To learn more about becoming a minyan leader, contact
Cantor Sufrin [email protected] 781 235-8491
Rabbi Philip Sherman [email protected] 781 235-8491


SPECIAL PROGRAMS are offered by the Caring Community to help congregants address individual and family challenges, including caring for aging parents, caring for ourselves, mid-life transitions, and healthy lifestyles.  We are always interested and open to developing programs to address the interests and needs of the congregation.

Click HERE for upcoming programs.


SUPPORT GROUPS - past groups have included bereavement group, caring for aging parents, coping with divorce and Alzheimer’s group.

To learn more, click HERE and/or contact Cantor Sufrin [email protected] 781 235-8491


TBE CARING KNITTERS gather regularly to knit comforting “healing shawls” for members of our congregation who are experiencing serious illness or challenging recovery from surgery or illness. It is an informal, “come when you can” group, with no need to RSVP. New knitters are welcome. 

To learn more, click HERE and/or contact
Amy Fleming  [email protected]
Julie Wolkoff  [email protected]

WELCOMING NEW GRANDPARENTS reaches out to congregants with new grandchildren.

To learn more, click HERE and/or contact Linda Jaffe [email protected]


YOGA FOR HEALTH AND HEALING weekly morning yoga class.

To learn more, click HERE and/or contact Karen Kaplan [email protected]



The Conversation Project

The Conversation Project is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care. They developed the original Conversation Starter Kit as a useful tool to help people have conversations with their family members or other loved ones about their wishes regarding end-of-life care. Click here to access their Conversation Start Kit for Congregations

You can also participate in their upcoming webinar series: Bringing Advance Care Planning Conversations to Your Congregation.