Caring Community

“We need each other at the greatest moments of joy and the greatest sorrows of life.  
That’s what we do here at Temple Beth Elohim.”
                                                                                                                                   -- Rabbi Joel Sisenwine


It’s a mitzvah to help and to ask for help.

TBE Caring Community supports our congregation in times of joy and sorrow. We mark sacred moments in our lives together, perform deeds of loving kindness, and offer meaningful outreach to to guide our community in living a life of physical and spiritual well-being and promoting self-awareness and connection. 


Give Support

Volunteer in partnership with our clergy to support TBE memb

Bereavement Outreach Nechama

Reach out to congregants who have experienced a death in their family and offer emotional support.
Sign up as one of the volunteers for a specific month.

Contact: Carol Whitehorn, [email protected], Carolyn Kohlman [email protected]

Pastoral Visitors Lev Echad

Visit with congregants who are unable to come to the synagogue so that no congregant feels forgotten or isolated. As a pastoral volunteer, you will receive training and guidance monthly by our clergy.

Contact: Cantor Sufrin,[email protected], Helene Kress, [email protected]

Comfort the Sick Bikur Cholim

Deliver care packages on behalf of TBE to members dealing with serious illness, injury, or surgery.

Contact: Sandy Goldstein, [email protected], Amy Fleming, [email protected]

Hospice Singers

Bring comfort through song to congregants who are going through serious illness.

Contact: Liz Kopin, [email protected]


Bring healing with a home-cooked meal. Prepare and deliver food to a congregant or his/her family in need of this temporary vital support.

Contact: Sandy Goldstein, [email protected]

Shiva Minyan Leaders

Assist the clergy with Minyan Services.

Contact: Cantor Sufrin, [email protected], Rabbi Sherman, [email protected]

Career Connections

Help members--from college graduates to seasoned professionals-- network and make professional connections as they navigate career transitions.

Contact: Joe Finer, [email protected]

TBE Caring Knitters

Gather to knit “healing shawls” for members who are experiencing serious illness or a challenging recovery. You can knit from home, too. New knitters welcome.

Contact: Amy Fleming, [email protected], Julie Wolkoff, [email protected]

Welcome New Babies

Reach out to congregants to welcome their newest family member with a quick visit and special gifts.

Contact: Laura Gilman, [email protected]

Welcome New Grandparents

Reach out to congregants to celebrate the arrival of new grandchildren with a wonderful gift collection.

Contact: Linda Jaffe, [email protected]

Mental Health Initiative

Help destigmatize mental illness through education, advocacy, prayer, and support.  

Contact: Alan Posner [[email protected]]

TBE Mental Health Resource Guide

Rabbi Saphire’s sermon on mental illness


Receive Support

Would you or someone you know appreciate a meal, a visit from a TBE member, healing shawl,
or care package to welcome a new baby?  Need a ride to TBE?

Reach out.

Ask for a Visitor or a Ride

If it is hard for you to get out and you’d appreciate a visit from a TBE community member, please reach out.

Contact: Helene Kress, [email protected]


Looking to get to TBE, but can’t drive? Please reach out.

Contact: Susan Karon[email protected]

Lifecycle Support

Reach out to clergy and our community for support through lifecycle transitions.

Support Groups

Take care of loved ones and yourself -- ask if a group exists or can be formed. Past groups include bereavement, caring for an aging family member, parenting children with special needs, and coping with divorce.

Contact: Cantor Sufrin, [email protected]

Career Connections

Are you navigating a  career transition or launching your career and could use some support?

Contact: Joe Finer, [email protected]

Mental Health Support

If you or a loved one is experiencing emotional or psychological challenges, please contact our clergy.


Wednesday morning yoga class promotes health, healing, and wellness. Come by and try a class for free!


Contact: Jeannie Goldstone, [email protected]Carolyn Kohlman, [email protected]


Reach Out to Give or Receive Support

New ideas welcome.

Cantor Sufrin, [email protected], 781.235.8419, x202

Carolyn Kohlman, VP Caring Community, [email protected], 617.823.2797