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Monday Classes

Foundations of the Jewish Year

Instructors: Rabbi Philip Sherman and Alison Kur

Time: TBD

Class Fee:  Free

Dates: TBD

Description:  Have you ever wondered why Jews have so many fast days, or why we make such a big deal about not eating bread on Passover? Do you know what each of the seven fast days are all about or what chametz really is? In this course we study the foundational aspects of the Jewish year. Together we will explore the origins of the Jewish calendar and engage in a deeper understanding of practices and rituals associated with different holidays – known and perhaps unknown. We will consider how the calendar evolved over time and what it means for us living in the 21st century.  

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Why enroll?

When you enroll in Binah you have an opportunity to enrich your relationship with Jewish learning. Our innovative approach enables participants to delve more deeply into Jewish thought, values and practice. With regular classes, Shabbat dinners, and special programs  throughout the year, Binah fosters development of strong and meaningful relationships with other learners at TBE. Back to top.

What is the curriculum?

By exploring the Jewish experience of God, Torah and Israel, the Binah curriculum aims to take learners through the fullness to Jewish living and learning. Our comprehensive learning program will select a theme each year connected with one of these core Jewish  concepts. Our cohesive curriculum enables learners to accumulate knowledge in ways that will provide greater access to Judaism and Jewish life. Courses for Binah 2015-2016 address Jewish liturgy and our personal experience of prayer as an exploration of the Jewish relationship with God. Back to top.

Who can participate?

Anyone willing to commit to the program can participate. Binah is one of many offerings at TBE and may be combined with other programs & courses. Back to top.


  • Enroll in at least one Binah course in the Fall and one in the Spring, or in the year-­ long “foundations” course.
  • Join at least 2 of the 3 Binah Shabbat dinners (2016-2017 dates to be determined.) Back to top.
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