Bereavement (Nechama)

When someone in our community experiences a loss of a family member, the Bereavement Team steps in to offer emotional and tangible support.

At the request of the clergy and with the congregant's approval, a Bereavement Team volunteer makes a call to the bereaved family to express the condolences of the entire community and to offer support to the family. 

The volunteer delivers a challah on the first Shabbat after the funeral and checks back in with the bereaved family two or three weeks later by dropping off a "comfort bag.”  The goal of these visits is to make a personal connection.

At High Holiday time, a jar of honey is delivered to all congregants who have had a loss during the year.

If appropriate, a referral is made to Caring Connections (Lev Echad.)

Volunteers sign up for one month during the year, and there are 2-3 volunteers per month to share the mitzvah.


Join the TBE Caring Community Bereavement Team — “Be" a Mitzvah

“I have gotten more from my outreach than I have given.” — Volunteer  

Looking for volunteers to join our team to support TBE community members who have lost a loved one.  A simple personal connection goes a long way. Drop off a challah, a “TLC bag,” a jar of honey.  Offer your compassion. We will provide all the resources and guidance you need.

Learn More:  Contact Carolyn Kohlman at [email protected] or 617.823.2797 


Carol Whitehorn [email protected] 617-965-5731
Carolyn Lee Kohlman [email protected] 617-823-2797