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A Note from Rabbi Joel Sisenwine 

Rabbi Joel SisenwineWelcome!

We're glad that you've expressed interest in becoming a member of Temple Beth Elohim. Each year, people like you consider making TBE their spiritual, educational and social home. Some are young couples preparing for marriage, or families with small children looking for religious education. Some with grown children have a renewed interest in Temple life. Still others are individuals, both young and not-so-young looking to share their Jewish journey with new friends. We welcome all who wish to celebrate Jewish life; families, singles and couples, GLBT Jews, interfaith couples and Jews by choice.

For all these reasons and many others, prospective members contact TBE. But why do increasing numbers of individuals and families join each year? Is it the rich tradition or the educational excellence? Perhaps it's the spiritual leadership, the commitment to social action, or our caring community. Everyone has different reasons, but come to the same conclusion, "I feel welcome at TBE" and so will you.


We'd Love to Meet You!

Sunday, May 6 at 8:30 am

Come meet our clergy and staff and learn about our community and educational programs from birth through adulthood. 

To RSVP or for more information, contact Susan Karon, Member Engagement Manager, [email protected] or 781.235.8419.



Becoming a Member 

"Hillel said: 'Separate not thyself from the community'…"Pirke Avot, 4:7 

For more than 60 years TBE has aspired to make Jewish life accessible for all who wish to join and be part of our dynamic, warm and welcoming community.

Your Membership Benefits   

In addition to knowing you're part of a vibrant and visionary congregation that is devoted to Torah-worship, Avodah-learning and Gemilut Hasadim-performing acts of loving kindness, your membership includes:

  • Temple's rabbis and cantor available for your personal and life-cycle events 
  • High Holy Day tickets and Shabbat services 
  • Invitations to all Temple events and holiday celebrations 
  • A regular offering of adult classes, groups and cultural programs 
  • Educational and youth activities for children

    (Religious School has an additional fee) 

  • Subscription to Temple Bulletin and URJ's Reform Jewish magazine 

  • The opportunity to purchase cemetery plots in TBE's section of Beit Olam Cemetery – Wayland, MA 
  • The knowledge and comfort that comes from being part of a caring community

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Can I Get Involved?  There are many ways to become involved at TBE and to become acquainted with other congregants.  During your membership process, we hope to get to know you personally so that we can connect you with programs, groups and classes that complement your interests. We offer a warm and inviting atmosphere in which you can expand and explore your Jewish life.

I Don't Read Hebrew – How Can I Possibly Follow the Shabbat Worship Service?  Our prayer books are written for all levels of understanding.  The text is written in three types of wording: Hebrew, English transliteration, and English. Throughout the service our Rabbis and Cantor guide the congregation through the prayer book so that the congregant may follow the service in wording that is most comfortable to the individual.

How Do I Meet the Professionals Who Serve TBE?  We encourage you to get to know our Rabbis, Cantor, educators, and professional staff by attending Shabbat services and by your involvement in our programs and activities.  We hope you will attend one of our new member gatherings throughout each year.  You may also arrange a private appointment with any of our clergy or staff by calling the Temple.

How Do I Become A Member of TBE? What is the Process?  We hope you will join our community!  Just email [email protected] or call Susan Karon at (781) 235-8419 x 243 for more information and a membership packet.

Why Should I Join Temple Beth Elohim?  At TBE we support one another with a caring community and a culture of inclusiveness.  We have weekly worship opportunities, adult education, religious school for children, youth groups, many groups and activities and wonderful opportunities to meet and connect with a diverse and very interesting group of people.  Not only are there many programs to meet different needs, but there is an environment of warmth that makes us not only a special congregation, but a true community.

I'd Like to Join, but I Don't Know Anyone at TBE.  We have many opportunities for getting involved and meeting people, starting as soon as you join.  Probably the best way to get to know people is to get involved.

Why Should I Join Now? My Child is Only Two Years Old.  It is never too soon to be a part of the Jewish community.  While we often think that synagogues are around to "teach Judaism" to our children, the synagogues greatest purpose is to support and enrich each of us so that our own confidence as Jews can become the example from which our children will learn.  Synagogues provide ongoing opportunities to study, experience, and enjoy being connected to a Jewish community.  We support this by offering reduced dues to young families and special programs like our "tot-Shabbat" and Shir Shabbat services and programs.  Complimentary babysitting is offered at most Friday Shabbat services as well.

My Kids Are Grown. What Do I Need a Temple For?  While we offer many family-oriented programs that does not mean that we are only open to families with younger children.  In fact so many of our programs are for adults, as we seek to nurture a mature development of spirituality and Jewish connection for people at every age of their lives.  We focus on building community, with WTBE [Women of Temple Beth Elohim], Men's Club, adult education, film showings, book groups, social justice and advocacy programs, and of course, our regular worship experiences.  TBE endeavors to enhance your connection with other Jews and your personal search for connection and meaning.

What About My Membership Commitment?  No one will be denied membership due to financial circumstances.  All Jews, or those with Jewish spouses or partners, are welcome to become members.  Individuals and families who have questions about our membership program may work with our membership office to arrange for a mutually agreeable commitment of support.

My Spouse/Partner Is Jewish And I Am Not. If We Join Will I Be Welcome at TBE?  Yes, all family members are warmly welcomed at Temple Beth Elohim.  We encourage members to attend services and participate in programs as a family so that the family unit can become closer and understand Jewish history, traditions and culture.

When We Join TBE, Will My Non-Jewish Spouse Be Considered A Member?  Yes, when a family/joins TBE all immediate family members/partner are considered full members. All non-Jewish spouses/partners are welcomed and encouraged to participate on all levels including our committees, and attend classes and holiday events.

Do You Have Other Interfaith Families at TBE?  TBE has many interfaith couples/families.  Our goal is to welcome and include all members regardless of their religious upbringing.

We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to our community and tell you more about all the different worship opportunities, programming and ways to get involved and connected at TBE.

If you would like to know more about becoming a member, please call the office at (781) 235-8419 or send an email to [email protected] and provide your mailing address so that we may send you a membership packet.

Watch Our Services Live

Click here to access our live high definition video streams. We turn these streams on for services and events so that family and friends unable to be at the temple may join us. The stream works on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Click here to begin streaming