BM3T (B'nei Mitzvah Magical Mystery Tour) is Temple Beth Elohim's  6th-7th grade learning program.  

BM3T is a bridge between the Limud (K-5) and Havayah (8-12) programs. It includes classroom learning, community service work, informal learning on a Shabbaton (retreat), community building, social activities and JELLY (junior youth group). BM3T engages students in learning and action through Limudei Yahadut (Judaic Studiesand Ma'asim Tovim (Community Service). These programs enable students to explore Jewish History and Text, and the impact Judaism has in their lives. All BM3T activities are geared toward helping students develop their identities as emerging Jewish adults and members of the global Jewish community.

If you would like to visit the school, or find more information about our program please contact Dr. Judy Avnery, Director of Limud & BM3T program, (781) 235-8419 x210.

 Visit TBEYouth.org to learn more about youth engagement at Temple Beth Elohim, information about our learning programs, upcoming events and why our youth love spending time at TBE!