Ayekah (20s and 30s)



TBE 20s & 30s is TBE’s sub-community for singles and couples (without children). Since Fall 2009, TBE 20s & 30s have gathered to share a variety of Jewish experiences.  The community is composed of young adults from all around the Boston area, and is growing!  Our community gathers together for Shabbat and holiday celebrations. From Shabbat dinners to brunches to Havdallah to Passover seders, we come together for meaningful Jewish experiences. What drives our community are the friendships and connections that we form with each other through Jewish learning and celebration. For more information, contact Rabbi Josh Franklin, (781) 235-8419 x209.  


Upcoming Programs

TBE 20s and 30s (Ayekah) 2nd Night Seder
April 11, 6:00 pm

Join Rabbi Josh Franklin and Stephanie Whitehorn for a innovative and musical Passover Experience. Discover the Passover narrative through Rabbi Josh's multimedia Haggadah. Come for the food, friends, and community, and find a Passover Experience for the 21st Century.

Bring a wine or a Kosher for Passover Dessert!

Space is limited to 12

 Questions about our exciting upcoming events? Looking to get involved? Contact Rabbi Josh Franklin today!



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