Age Together

"I am thrilled that we are poised to launch this Age Together website for our temple members. This interactive website is a great caregiving resource as we continue our efforts to put our caring into action." 

-Cantor Jodi Sufri



Introducing a new way for TBE members to connect about issues of eldercare

Are you a current or past caregiver for an aging loved one? Do you need recommendations for eldercare resources, are you looking for advice, or do you have information to share? 

To help family caregivers at TBE, we’ve teamed up with Age Together, a new, free online social networking site. The site makes it easy for caregivers at TBE to find and connect with one another to share information on professional eldercare resources and advice on caregiving.

Created by a Needham family, Age Together enables members to ask questions, exchange information, and share valuable lessons with others via private, one-on-one messages. By joining communities on Age Together, like the one for TBE, you can easily connect with caregivers you know.

The more members of our community who sign up for Age Together, the better we can support one another. Even if you’re a past caregiver, please consider joining so you can help others by sharing the valuable lessons you’ve learned.

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Questions? Need help signing up? Visit the FAQs on the Age Together website or contact TBE member Beth Nast, [email protected] or Age Together founder, Ariel Sherry. [email protected].