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Using the Calendar

The calendar allows you to view all TBE events and activities on a given day, week, or month. You can view TBE events and activities by pointing and clicking on the calendar itself. You can also jump to any month in the calendar either by using the scroll bar on the calendar or by clicking on the down arrow in the “jump-to” box just below the calendar.
The calendar also allows you to view TBE events by pre-determined categories which are especially useful when searching for events for you or your family. These “filters” display all events in that category for the year. You can filter activities by the following categories:
  • Adult Learning Programs
  • Auxiliary TBE organizations
  • Board and Temple Committees
  • Co-sponsored TBE events
  • Early Childhood Education
  • General Jewish Community Events
  • Grades 6-7 (BM3T)
  • Grades 8-12 (Havayah)
  • Grades K-5 (Limud)
  • School Events for TBE Parents
  • Special Events and Programs
  • Worship Services
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