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Wednesday,October 28, 7:30-9:00 pm


Some Day by Shemi Zarhin

On the shores of Israel’s Sea of Galilee lies the city of Tiberias, a place bursting with sexuality and longing for love. The air is saturated with smells of cooking and passion. Seven-year-old Shlomi, who develops a remarkable culinary talent, has fallen for Ella, the strange girl next door with suicidal tendencies; his little brother Hilik obsessively collects words in a notebook.

In the wild, selfish but magical grown-up world that swirls around them, a mother with a poet’s soul mourns the deaths of literary giants while her handsome, wayward husband cheats on her both at home and abroad. Some Day is a gripping family saga, a sensual and emotional feast that plays out over decades. The characters find themselves caught in cycles of repetition, as if they were “rhymes in a poem,  cursed with history.” They become victims of inspired recipes that bring joy and calamity to the cooks and diners. Mysterious curses cause people’s hair to fall out, their necks to swell and the elimination of rational thought amid capitulation to unhealthy urges.

This is an enchanting tale about tragic fates that disrupt families and break our hearts. Zarhin’s hypnotic writing renders a painfully delicious vision of individual lives behind Israel’s larger national story.

Wedneday November 18, 7:30-9:00 pm


Like Dreamers by Yossi Klein Halevi

Like Dreamers is the story of the paratroopers who reached The Western Wall and reunited Jerusalem in the 1967 war. In telling their story, Halevi also tells the story of Religious Zionism, Secular Zionism and their roots the early Kibbutzim. This history sheds light on the Settler Movement and current Israeli politics.






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