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Send some TBE love to your college or boarding school students at the holidays! 

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Do you have children living away from home? Then, sign them up to receive TBE care packages at Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah, Passover, and Purim.

It's fun for the students to get sweet treats, tchotchkes, and well wishes from the clergy. Many tell us that sharing the packages with their roommates and friends is a great way to introduce them to their Jewish heritage. And, parents tell us they enjoy meeting other parents with kids away from home as they prepare the care packages. 

Don't delay. Fill out the College Connection form today so your child is sure to receive a little love at the holidays. 




Susan Freed, (781) 431-1004 or, Jenifer Aronoff, (781) 235-3446 or, Liz Suneby, (781)237-1203 or   

"This is our second year participating in the program and my daughter is thrilled. Kimmie feels a strong commitment to faith and our temple so your packages are meaningful and help to make the holidays special while she's away from home. As a matter of fact, she calls me right away after receiving her little bundle and loves to show her friends (she tells me that TBE sends better stuff than the other temples!)" Thank you for all your thought and planning. -Pam Remis