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Noah Aronson, Student Rabbi

 Noah Aronson, TBE Artist in Residence 

Several years ago, a young jazz student from the   Berklee School of Music found work at Temple Beth Elohim as a part-time music teacher.  And thus began a wonderful relationship between Noah Aronson and our community.


Under the guidance of Cantor Jodi Sufrin, Noah was encouraged to attend the Hava Nashira Songleaders Workshop.  It was at Hava Nashira that Noah first met Craig Taubman, whose dynamic music and moving performance style inspired Noah to pursue the musical direction that he follows today.  The influence of family is also strong: as the son of New Jersey Cantor Theodore Aronson, Noah has chosen “to follow a similar path and devote his life to making his music accessible and tangible for Jewish audiences.”1 


Since his days as a part-time teacher, Noah has grown in both musicianship and connection to the TBE community.  A few years ago, Cantor Sufrin asked Noah to compose a service for TBE and with her guidance; he created the service we now celebrate as “Shabbat Menucha” – A Restful Shabbat.  Visitors often remark about Beth Elohim Shabbat services; the unique melodies are a hallmark of our services.


Noah Aronson leads the community during 

Consecration Service of new TBE Sanctuary 


December 19, 2010 



As well as returning to TBE as Artist in Residence, Noah has released a new album of Jewish synagogue music.  “Am I Awake” is his musical dialogue, his effort at creating a personal connection with God, with Judaism.  Noah shares “I believe that when a person comes to a synagogue to pray it is the clergy’s job (and my job as a ‘prayer leader’) to give them space to process: Are you ready? Are you open to meditate? Are you open to letting go? Are you coming in with all of the baggage from the week or are you open to being truly present?  Am I Awake is a reminder to be mindful.  I infuse that melody at different points of the service.  Hopefully it serves as a sort of checkpoint to remind people to be mindful.”2 


We are blessed to have Noah with us as Artist in Residence this year.  His passion for Jewish music and his commitment to our community promise to enrich each TGIS service and every small group he leads.  We hope you hear Noah’s latest release Am I Awake.  We hope you will join us for every TGIS service and lend your voice to the new melodies that will arise this year.  And if this is your first time to pray in a service where Noah leads, we hope you take a moment to listen, open up and enter into a place of being truly present.




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