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    Temple Office, (781) 235-8419,  


    Rabbi Joel L. Sisenwine,, x201 

    Cantor Jodi Lee Sufrin,, x202 

    Rabbi Rachel Saphire,, x203 

    Rabbi Joshua Franklin, x209

    Rabbi Philip Sherman,, x208

    Rabbinic Intern Emily Langowitz,

    Student Rabbi Noah Aronson, 

    Rachel Maillet, Senior Executive Assistant to the Clergy,, x204 

    Leah Finkelman, Administrative Assistant to the Clergy,, x206 

    Jewish Life and Learning

    Alison Kur, Executive Director, Jewish Living,, x213      

    Judy Avnery, Senior Director, Jewish Living & Learning,, x210      

    Laura Hyman, Havayah Director,, x212 

    Brett Lubarsky, Assistant Director, Youth Engagement,, x214

    Hannah Richman, Assistant Director, Youth Engagement,, x216  

    Ariel Milan-Polisar, Youth Engagement Specialist,, x223 

    Lynn Burke, Executive Assistant,, x211

    Heather Pellegrini, Administrative Assistant,, x215   

    Gan Elohim Nursery School

    Nancy Ostroff, Director of Early Childhood,, x230 


    Judith Cannon, Executive Director Administration and Operations,, x241 

    Monique Martin, Director of Development,, x246

    James Waldman, Controller,, x247      

    Sue Braverman, Bookkeeper,, x240  

    Ryan Cornelius, Technology Manager,, x248     

    Susan Karon, Member Engagement and Special Events,, x243     

    Elise Lublin, Communications Manager,, x244      

    Rebecca Merberg, Development Assistant,, x255

    Emily Park, Facilities and Events Manager,, x249

    Kristine Potter, Receptionist,, x245    


    Chirlcy Joachim, Assistant Maintenance Supervisor, cjoachim@tbewellesley.orgx252  

    Michael DoCanto, Custodian,, x251

    Olavo Gomes, Custodian,, x253  

    Trees - courtyard