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Ma'asim Tovim*/ B’nai TELEM** is the  

hallmark community service component of the B'nei Mitzvah Magical Mystery Tour (BM3T), Temple Beth Elohim's 

learning program for grades 6-7. 


In the Fall of 6th grade, each student joins a long-term community service group. Students continue their volunteer service throughout all of 6th and 7th grade. 

*“Ma’asim Tovim” is the Hebrew for “good deeds.”  When a Jewish child is born, it is traditional to bless him/her with a life filled with “Ma'asim Tovim.”


For more information about Ma'asim Tovim and Registration please go to :


 For more information about the Ma’asim Tovim/B’nai Telem program please contact Hannah Richman at 781-235-8419 x 216 or .  


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