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Beit Midrash Curriculum (Grades 3-5) 


Beit Midrash (House of Learning) is a unique and exciting approach to Jewish learning for Grades 3-5 at TBE. The program involves students in rich, meaningful and experiential Jewish learning through engagement with age-appropriate works of Jewish fiction, the study of our sacred texts, and innovative Hebrew learning in a small-group setting. Beit Midrash families also participate in creative Jewish learning and celebration, as well as community-building activities designed to deepen the Jewish journey of individual families and the community as a whole.  

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The three components of Beit Midrash are described below: 

Chavurot (Book Groups) 

Students, along with their parents, read five or six works of contemporary Jewish children’s fiction each year. Guided curricular materials for each book are provided to families, with weekly reading assignments and discussion questions. On Sunday afternoons throughout the year, students gather as a community with their teacher to discuss each book. In an experiential and hands-on learning environment, students explore the characters and themes of each book within the context of Jewish life, text and tradition. Each grade has a specific curricular focus; Third Grade explores Jewish identity through family relationships and the celebration of holidays, Fourth Grade focuses on Ancient and Medieval Jewish history and tradition, while Fifth Grade learns about and connects to the American Jewish experience. 

Family Learning and Celebration 

Throughout the year, Beit Midrash families gather as a sacred community to learn, grow and have fun together. This year, we’ll be sharing a Shabbat evening, celebrating the festive holidays of Sukkot and Purim and enjoying the special beauty of Havdalah (service to conclude Shabbat). Beit Midrash families are also warmly encouraged to participate actively in synagogue-wide family programming, such as M3 (Mishpacha Mitzvah Missions) and the family learning program provided as an introduction tothe JAWS (Jewish Actors’ Workshop) Performance in May. 

Hebrew Learning and Tefillah (Services) 

Hebrew is an essential part of the Beit Midrash experience! Students can participate in small-group Hebrew learning at TBE on Sundays or Tuesdays, study privately with a tutor, or receive Hebrew learning in a day school setting.   In order to provide students who receive Hebrew language learning at TBE with the same worship opportunities as Limud students, the Beit Midrash community participates in a half-hour of Tefillah each Sunday and Tuesday. Led by our clergy and Music Educator Matt Stern, Tefillah is a time to pray, sing, learn and reflect together. 

If you would like to learn more about Beit Midrash, please contact Laura Hyman, Director of Beit Midrash and Havayah, or (781) 235-8419 ext. 212. 

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